What is it you do here?

Here at Wordcream Industries, it is our mission to design, print, and deliver premium, fashionable graphic T-shirts, with bold typography and the sorts of G-rated, disgusting phrasing that makes squares cringe, and rad people laugh. Imagine walking into a room and immediately knowing who's rad! Well, you're welcome.

Basically, these are T-shirts that demand an explanation, but we tend to think it's funnier if you don't.

Why Word Cream?

A lot of our creams are based on things the founder has said to his wife to be weird. She has come to call such utterances "Word Creams."

How long does shipping take?

Our orders typically ship about 1 business day after purchase. Beyond that, we have a number of affordable shipping options, including our standard USPS first class shipping, and other options offered by UPS and the US Postal Service. Your estimated transit time will be calculated during checkout depending on the shipping method chosen.