Father's Day Countdown: Cinema's 10 Moistest Dads - #9

Nathan Kushner

Here at Wordcream Industries, we believe there is only one perfect Father's Day gift, and giving anything else should get you disowned immediately.

That gift, of course, is our signature Moist Dad Squad T-Shirt, currently 10% off until Father's Day with discount code MOISTDAD.

To honor the occasion, we're counting down the 10 Moistest Dads in Cinema History every day until then. You can see previous entries here:


#9 - Jack Frost

As seen in: Jack Frost

What makes him Moist: For most of the film he is made of snow. A scientist I met once behind the 7-11 told me that snow is considered a kind of water.

What makes him A Dad: His son, Charlie.

Why he falls short of being the Moistest Dad: So, like, he's made of water, but does that make him moist? Are water molecules only moist because they are moistened by their neighboring molecules? An argument could be made that he only becomes partially moist when (MOISTENER ALERT) he melts at the end of the film, and during the transition, his frozen center would have been moistened by his melty outside. There are just too many questions.

Keep following this space to see where the countdown ends up, and comment below to tell us your favorite moist dad movies! #8 tomorrow!

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