Father's Day Countdown: Cinema's 10 Moistest Dads - #3

Nathan Kushner

Here at Wordcream Industries, we believe there is only one perfect Father's Day gift, and giving anything else should get you disowned immediately.

That gift, of course, is our signature Moist Dad Squad T-Shirt, currently 10% off until Father's Day with discount code MOISTDAD.

To honor the occasion, we're counting down the 10 Moistest Dads in Cinema History every day until then. You can see previous entries here:

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#4 - Coccoon Dads

As seen in: Coccon

What makes them Moist: I've actually never seen Coccoon. I didn't even get to watch it this week, because Martin Brody was making me so mad. But just look at all those moms and dads in a pool. Looks like a bunch of moist dads to me.

What makes them A Dad: Bunch of moist dads in a pool. Probably got some sons and daughters. They probably are estranged. 

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon/

Little boy blue and a dad in the pool /

When you getting out, dad? /

I don't know when /

We'll get together then/

You know I'll be a Moist Dad theeeeeen.

Why they fall short of being the Moistest Dads: You know what, I'm sorry. I've been a terrible chronicler of paternal moisture today. This is not the fault of the cocoon dads. It's totally on me. We'll get back on track tomorrow.

Keep following this space to see where the countdown ends up, and comment below to tell us your favorite moist dad movies! #2 tomorrow!

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