Father's Day Countdown: Cinema's 10 Moistest Dads - #1

Here at Wordcream Industries, we believe there is only one perfect Father's Day gift, and giving anything else should get you disowned immediately.

That gift, of course, is our signature Moist Dad Squad T-Shirt, currently 10% off until Father's Day with discount code MOISTDAD.

To honor the occasion, we've counted down the 10 Moistest Dads in cinema history, and we're finally ready to show you this, THE MOISTEST DAD ON FILM.

But first, enjoy our picks for the tenth through second moistest cinema dads...

#10   #9   #8   #7   #6   #5   #4   #3   #2

And now........

#1 - Marlin

As seen in: Finding Nemo, Finding Dory

What makes him moist: Like King Triton yesterday, he has scarcely if ever left the water, being basically completely submerged all his life. He is also played by Albert Brooks, and brooks are a kind of lengthy moisture deposit for wetboys. 

What makes them A Dad: Nemo. He's trying to find Nemo.

Why he is the Moistest Dad: Again, you may want to check yesterday's entry. Marlin is a caring dad, and a permanent underwater dweller, but unlike Triton, he's the hero in his own story, a picaresque initiated by paternal responsibility. And unlike Triton, Marlin would literally die without being moist. 

So, let's give a Father's Day salute to the moistest dad who's ever come across my movie screen, Marlin the clownfish.

Thanks for sticking with the countdown. Today is your absolute last chance to get 10% off your Moist Dad Squad shirt order with promo code MOISTDAD. We'll see you soon with more fun features!


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